Generation 89

Generation 89

2. 11. 2019
La Fabrika, Komunardů 28, 170 00 Praha 7 - Holešovice

Innaugural event marking the 30th anniversary of Independent Cuechoslovak Culture Showcase in Wroclaw which includes concerts by Czech, Polish, and Slovak bands and musicians, multimedia presentations reflecting the historical events, exhibition, workshops, documentary screening, and diverse accompanying programme.

The Generation 89 event is a commemoration of the 1989 which Václav havel described as the prelude to the Velvet Revolution. It will be an artistic generational testimony of artists who were born or commenced their careers around the year and grew up in the already free Poland / Czech / Slovakia. We invited significant artists of that generation who are not afraid to voice their opinions on the current state of affairs. The music programme will be accompanied by documentary screening. video mapping, meeting with the contemporaries of the Wroclaw event, exhibitions, and other activities.